ACTIVE Diabetic 1/4 Crew

Color: White/Copper
Size: Small
Sale price$14.00


To provide a new level of protection and comfort for vulnerable diabetic feet, we utilize advanced technologies and designs creating a new class of diabetic socks.

AVAL Diabetic socks are designed from the inside out because what is next to the skin matters most. Turn our socks inside out to see and feel what we are talking about. Our soft stretch, non-constricting leg encourages circulation and does not dig into the leg. The seamless toe is smooth inside with dense protective padding. These features all work together to provide an extremely comfortable sock.

drymax FIber Technology
We use drymax fiber technology for the entire foot, providing a drier, more healthful environment for the skin and toenails. Eliminating moisture reduces friction and maintains the skin’s tensile strength, helping prevent blisters and skin tears. When it comes to keeping your feet dry, toss out your old, ineffective cotton or wicking fiber socks and wear our ACTIVE Diabetic socks. No socks have proven to keep feet drier than socks made with drymax fiber technology!

Skin Enhancement - Health & Appearance
The drymax fibers enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology release millions of copper ions (Cu+/Cu++) that help improve the skin in health and appearance. Clinically proven Cupron Copper provides documented performance for a wide range of applications. When worn regularly against the skin, Cupron Copper has been shown to improve skin elasticity, flexibility, suppleness and softness as well as appearance in tone and texture.

When it comes to protecting your skin and feet, we did not take shortcuts. The entire inside of our ACTIVE Diabetic socks use fibers enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology.

Cupron Copper Technology inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor-free.

Cupron Copper inhibits fungal and yeast growth in socks and helps socks resist deterioration from mold and mildew.

Active Ingredient = Copper Oxide (Cu2O)
The copper oxide active ingredient is responsible for the fibers’ copper color. The copper oxide is not a surface coating; its particles are embedded throughout the drymax fibers and will not wash out or wear out, providing you with their many benefits for the life of the socks.

NOTE: To receive the full benefits, you need to wear socks enhanced with Cupron Copper Technology for 10+ hours a day.


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